Bat & Bar Mitzvah


Park Row Synagogue is a very special place to celebrate a child’s coming-of-age through the wonderful, ancient custom of a Bar or (more contemporary) Bat Mitzvah. It is an event celebrated by the whole community, and we welcome you to invite your family and friends of all backgrounds to attend and share in the joy of this special simcha (celebration) with you and your child.

Most parents and children choose to celebrate B’nei Mitzvah after their 13th birthday, however, it can be celebrated at any time. We have also hosted many first and second Bar Mitzvoth for adults here at Park Row.

A Bar or Bat Mitzva is a very special event in a child’s life, whereby they are encouraged to read from the Torah and present a sermon or talk of their creation before the congregation in Shul (synagogue).

We are available to assist in guiding you and your child through the learning, spiritual and practical arrangements necessary for your son or daughter to enjoy this wholly unique experience.  He or she, along with your help and our support and teaching, will embark on his/her Jewish education a year leading up to the simcha, which will naturally follow on from the learning they may have experienced in one of our Cheder classes.

From setting the date and organising a teacher and/or mentor, to arranging the service and kiddush (blessing over wine and small meal), members of our community are on hand to help you and your family.

The cost of a celebration at Park Row depends on the type and size of your simcha.  As customary, a Bar or Bat Mitzva includes a kiddush for all your guests (including members of the community, as this is a community event), which must be certified kosher. This can be held in our community hall and we can help you to arrange this.

Please bear in mind that you must be a member of Park Row Synagogue to hold your simcha here. In any case, we ask that at least one parent be a member (first year of membership is FREE). Visit our membership page to join our community.

To discover more about having your simcha at Park Row contact us here.