Safeguarding Policy

 Bristol Hebrew Congregation (BHC) Child and Vulnerable Person Safeguarding Policy

Within the BHC Community

  • All personal information about a child will be kept in compliance with GDPR and not shared without permission from the child or responsible adult.
  • The community has an assigned safeguarding officer who is DBS checked and is experienced with working with children.
  • All safeguarding concerns whether reported on or not, will be logged in the safeguarding file held by the safe -guarding officer who is a representative of the BHC Council.
  • If needed the safeguarding officer will report  serious concerns on to the relevant professional bodies and the person with parental responsibility will be informed.
  • Any concerns for a child’s well-being who attends an event organised by the Synagogue will be discussed with the safe-guarding officer
  • The Council will be informed of all safeguarding concerns that are acted on
  • All child events organised by BHC, taking place at the Synagogue or involving BWJC will have the relevant ratio of DBS checked adults to child.
  • All children under the age of 6years must attend the events with an adult responsible for them.
  • When attending the Synagogue for a service the named carer/parent of the children is responsible for the children’s well-being
  • In a professional capacity an adult without a DBS check should not be in the company of a child on their own.
  • We are aware of the 4 types of abuse that could be at risk in our environment: – neglect, sexual, physical, emotional. We will seek to safeguard children from those risks where we have contact with children or vulnerable people.
  • We will follow the 6 principles of safeguarding as set out in the safeguarding act 2014
    1. People are supported and encouraged to make their own decisions and informed consent. …
    2. It is better to take action before harm occurs. …
    3. The least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented. …
    4. Protection. …
    5. Partnership. …
    6. Accountability. …

Call us on 0808 800 5000 NSPCC / childline 0800 1111


School Visits

  • The BHC adult volunteering for the school visit cannot be guaranteed DBS checked so will not be left alone with any children.
  • The staff attending with the children are at all times responsible for the safety of the children
  • The school will provide the appropriate ratio of adult to child
  • If the volunteer witnesses any concerning behaviour by a child, they will refer it to the school staff responsible for the children on the visit
  • If the volunteer witnesses any concerning behaviour between staff and child, they will discuss this with the BHC safe-guarding officer before action is taken to contact the school. The BHC safe-guarding officer will make any decisions regarding contacting the school or referral on. The decision will be held on file.
  • If staff from the school witness concerning behaviour by the BHC volunteer, they are invited to contact BHC on info@parkrowsynagogue.organd ask to be referred to our safe-guarding officer.
  • We practice an inclusive non-discriminatory approach and aim for the visit to be a positive learning experience, therefore children of all faiths and nationalities are welcome. In return we will not tolerate any form of discrimination towards our community.
  • Due to the Synagogue being an old and listed building there are multiple steps without alternative access. Therefore the building is not wheelchair or disability friendly.
  • The school must take its own responsibility for doing an active risk assessment prior to any visit so the school can take its own decision regarding accessibility and risk.


(Updated 16.10.2022)



If you have any concerns, these should be reported to an event organiser, or to a member of the Bristol Hebrew Congregation Council here.