New Baby


Park Row is made up of a great many new and growing families.  Many choose to celebrate the joyous occasion of the birth of their child with us, and our wonderful Synagogue is available for you to host your simcha (celebration).

The birth of a boy or a girl can be ushered in in many beautiful ways and customs – from a Brit Milah to a Simchat Bat (baby naming) – and members of our community are on hand to help: whether you need a Rabbi, a cook, a doula, or a friendly parent to share a cup of tea with.

The cost of a celebration at Park Row depends on the type and size of your simcha.  As customary, a celebration will usually include a kiddush (blessing over wine and small meal), which must be certified kosher. This can be held in our community hall and we can help you to arrange this.

Please bear in mind that you must be a member of Park Row Synagogue to hold your simcha here. In any case, we ask that at least one parent be a member (first year of membership is FREE). Visit our membership page to join our community.

To discover more about having your simcha at Park Row contact us here .