Park Row hosts a beautiful Shabbat (Sabbath) service every Saturday morning from 10.30am.

As we are a small community every person makes a difference. We encourage new visitors to get involved, and if you are a new face in town then you will most likely get an aliya or open the ark.

Women are invited to say Kaddish.

If you’d like to make an announcement or a special drosha then please contact us here.

The Shabbat Service

The morning service for Shabbat has three parts:

Shacharit – an extended version of the weekday morning prayers

Kriyat Hatorah (the Reading of the Law) – one or more scrolls containing the first five books of the Old Testament are taken from the Ark for a section to be chanted using a traditional melody.

Musaf (the additional service) – replacing sacrifice in the Temple in Jerusalem before it was destroyed by the Romans.