Maimonides Part 2

Monday 11th April at 7.30pm
Park Row Synagogue
Admission free.

Moses Maimonides Part II

Rabbi Mark Daniels will be delivering the second of his talks on Monday evening on the works of Moses Maimonides, where he will be examining sections of the Rambam’s magnum opus on Jewish law and philosophy, The Mishneh Torah.

Written over 900 years ago, this great work is still regarded as a key text In Jewish studies.

This class is suitable for adults at every level of knowledge. Everyone welcome.

Refreshments will be provided.

Matza, Maror & Music

Sunday 10th April from
12.30 – 4pm
£5 per adult

A series of talks from some of the brightest sparks from The Judith Lady Montefiore College

Subjects include:
• History of the Seder
• Bread of affliction
• Modern day meaning of the Exodus from Egypt
• Music of Pesach and the Haggadah
• Jewish liberation theology
• Pesach Kashering

Timetable of events to be confirmed. For more information please contact our Rabbi here.


Maimonides Part I

Monday April 4th. 8pm
Park Row Synagogue

Come along to Park Row Synagogue tonight to hear Rabbi Daniels illuminate sections of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah: his magnum opus of all that one needs to know about Judaism (other than the bible).

Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) was the leading Rabbi & Jewish philosopher of the Middle Ages: his other great works include the Guide for the Perplexed and his commentary on the Mishnah. He was a doctor at the court of Saladin in Cairo.

This is Part 1 of a fascinating 2 part series, all welcome.

Talk: Sefardi Judaism

Monday 28th 7:30pm
Park Row Synagogue

A look at the geographical varieties of Sefardi/Mizrachi Judaism. Unlike their ideological Ashkenazi brethren, the sefardim differ by geography – Syrian judaism is very different from Egyptian and differ again from both the North Africans and the Spanish & Portuguese. A brief look at their history and differences.

Image from Wikipedia.

Talk: Ashkenazi Judaism

Monday 14th 7:30pm
Park Row Synagogue

Rabbi Mark Daniels will be looking at the history and ideologies behind Ashkenazi Judaism: the chassidim, reform, masorti etc. Ashkenazi Judaism developing in Christian Europe has been heavily impacted by the ideologies of the times – especially the thinking of GW Hegel.

Modern Jewish Thought

Modern Jewish Thought
with Michael Picardie

Join Michael at the Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation on Thursday evenings from 7pm-8:30pm on a journey through the minds and writings of some of the pre-eminent Jewish thinkers of the 20th Century

Thur, 11 February 2016
Shlomo Sand: The Invention of the Jewish People—New Perspectives on Zionism and Jewish Identity

Thur, 10 March 2016
Martin Buber: I and Thou—Jewish Existentialism and Its Links with Emmanuel Levinas

Thur, 14 April 2016
Richard Rubenstein: After Auschwitz—Post-Holocaust Jewish Theology including the effect of Elie Wiesel’s, Primo Levi’s, Victor Frankl’s, and Anne Frank’s experience and writing

Thur, 12 May 2016
Rav Kook and Daniel Matt in Essential Kabbalah, by Daniel Matt, and Jewish Meditation by Aryeh Kaplan—Learning Jewish Meditation through Kabbalah and Yoga, especially exploring the figure of Adam Kadmon / Chava Kadmona.

For more information, please contact Michael Picardie on

All are welcome. Donations also welcome.