Cheder in the Woods

Sunday, September 15th
Leigh Woods

We are very excited about our forthcoming Cheder in the Woods, happening THIS SUNDAY 15 September.

Please join us in Leigh Woods, from 10.30am, for a delicious, fun-packed, educational, and musical cheder themed around Rosh Hashanah   This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet new families and celebrate the beauty of nature and our growing community.

All details and information can be downloaded here.

For more information, email jess@studiobaum or

Forced Walks

Honouring Esther

The line of a Nazi Death March transposed and returned. 

Thursday 4 and Friday 5 February, Lower Saxony.

Repatriating memories. Making the connections. Generating the resonances.

Join the walk. Take part on foot or online. Thurs/Fri 4 and 5 Feb 2016

A performative walk-in-witness on the original death march route from slave labour camp to death camp. In Germany, 71 years later, to the day.  10 interventions at the same ‘stations’ as the Somerset walk. Resonances.

Richard White and Lorna Brunstein and other walkers will complete follow as far as possible the exact route of the death march into Bergen-Belsen. They invite others to join them on foot and online. Seventy-one years after Esther Brunstein and other survivors of the Lodz Ghetto and Auschwitz were marched at gunpoint from the slave labour camp near Hanover to Belsen, their steps will be retraced.

If you would like to join the walk complete the contact form at the bottom of the page. More information click here

The walk follows the same model as the walk in Somerset actively seeking to generate human rights resonances.  For second and third generation survivors, liberators, perpetrators and witnesses as well as those more recently exiled and dispossessed by war and prejudice, the walk offers a space for moments of reconnection, reconciliation, reflection and solidarity. Given the welcome extended by Germany to refugees these resonances will be strong.

The walk will remind us that a refugee’s journey continues until they find safety and a welcome and a sense of belonging. For many it is a life long search. In the end we are all migrants and we all need safety, security, love and friendship.