Entebbe Raid: A talk by Commando Major Rami Sherman

Entebbe Raid Commando, Major Rami Sherman to speak in Bristol, 10th of May at Park Row Synagogue.

Marking 40 years from the Raid on Entebbe, we are excited to welcome Major Rami Sherman to speak in Bristol!
Hosted by the Park Row Synagogue and supported by the Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Community Excellence.

Major Rami Sherman from the IDF Elite Commando Unit will tell the miraculous story of the hijacking, battle for and rescue of Air France flight 139 from Entebbe, Uganda in 1976 and its relevant message to us in 2017.


10th of May, 7:00 pm @ Park Row Synagogue
Admissions: £5 at the door. Students free.
Light Refreshments will be served.

Due to the nature of this event we are required to have a list of the attendees in advance.
If you are interested in attending please enter your name and email address at the website below:




About the Talk
Mutual Responsibility is part of the Jewish People’s DNA.
During the lecture which will mark 40 years from the Entebbe Operation (“Operation Yonathan”) Rami will speak about:

• The preparations incurred by the hijacking of the Air France flight and its deviation to Uganda
• The battle that took place at the Entebbe air field to rescue the hostages
• The death of Yoni Netanyahu R.I.P
• Rami’s part in leading the hostages to the Hercules planes and to freedom
• Rami’s personal “March of the Living”, as the son of a Holocaust survivor and Jew rescuer and liberator
• The connection between that historic event to Israel’s present day reality

About Major Rami Sherman
Rami Sherman grew up on kibbutz Lehavot Habashan in the north of Israel and was educated by the kibbutz movement educational system. During his army service, he served in the IDF’s Navy Seal unit from which he was honorably discharged with the rank of Major. In 1976, during the “Entebbe Operation”, Rami served as Yoni Netanyahu’s Operations Officer.

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